About Us

Shanda Luneng Information technology Co., Ltd is subordinated to Shandong University. It is founded by the combination of Shandong Shanda Ouma Information industry Co. Ltd and Shandong Zhongjing Photoelectron Company, its registered capital is 112 million yuan. The company has more than 200 employees and nearly 60% of them are bachelor degree or above. 

Supported by Shandong University, we have the multi-layer developing teams formed by the university internal and external in which members are all PhD Candidate Supervisor professors, doctors, and masters, bachelors involving production, study and research. With a strong independent research and development capabilities and market competitive advantages in the domain of information technology, crystal material and industry automation. we has been authorized patents and Software copyright registration to be nearly 40, approve science and technology achievement appraisal 10 and 20 products have won several national, provincial, municipal award since the 9th Five-Year. Abundant scientific research innovation and the industrialization ability of scientific and technological achievements have provided a guarantee to ensure a sustainable and rapid development of the company. The wood house automation manufacturing equipment developed independent, with independent intellectual property rights, exported to Japan in 2011, and got highly commitments. 

Company innovates continuously and increases investment in the field of industrial automation, to form an Industrial chain from software, laser and controlling system development to complete set manufacture covering laser sculpture, laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding, etc. 

Company inherits the enterprise concept, “Good faith sustainable, infinite innovation”, using science and technology to pioneer, capital, civilization, brand as the link to accomplish scale business, collectivize administer and international development. Company strengthens constantly the technological innovation, administer innovation and sale innovation, to strive to make the company become automatic equipment manufacturer occupying domestic first-class, with wide influence in the world. 


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